Makena Wetlands

Makena State Park was created when the State of Hawaii purchased the 165 acres along the southwestern coastline in order to protect the area’s wilderness, as well as three remaining wetlands: Oneuli Wetland (aka Maluaka Wetland, aka Naupaka Pond, aka Mo‘oiki), Oneloaakau Wetland, Oneloahema Wetland (aka “Paniaka Fishpond”).

Makena “loko puuone” Wetland Oneuli, Photo D&S.Dorn


Maluaka Wetlands: Onelui “loko-puuone” Fishpond, makai view. Photo D&S.Dorn


Oneloaakau Wetlands (Estuary/Muliwai), Makena, photo D&S.Dorn

Oneloahema Wetland (aka “Paniaka Fishpond”), Makena, Photo D&S.Dorn

Paniaka Fishpond encompasses an area of about 100 feet by 130 feet and is located toward the southern end of Makena State Park between Oneloa Beach and Mākena State park..

Paniaka-Agreement-DLNR-Map (Source: