Wetland Plants and Animals

Many plants and animals are affected by the Wetlands of Kula Kai. For some, it is their only habitat, while other use the wetlands and riparian areas for foraging or as temporary resting places during migration, Many others are affected by the impacts that wetlands have on improving water quality and ocean conditions.  By extension, the entire reef ecology and nearshore marine environment are dependent on wetlands doing their job, and their role in helping to maintain better water quality.

According to the USFS there are 5 species here that are protected by the Endangered Species Act (ESA), and 1 specie protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) that may occur and transit through this area, including, the Hawaiian Hoary bat, Hawaiian petrel, Newell’s shear water, wedge tail shearwater, and hawksbill turtle. The threatened green sea turtle may also occur and transit through the study area.

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Learn more about Wetland Birds

Piikea Wetland is home to many native birds, and migratory birds including the endangered Aeo (Hawaiian stilt) and Nene (Hawaiian Goose).
Nene-birds-pair-Kalama-Wetlands-Kihei-Photo S.Dorn
Nene-birds-pair-Kalama-Wetlands-Kihei-Photo S.Dorn