Share This Email Share This Email Share This Email Donna Wong Executive Director Phone/fax: 808-262-0682 EMAIL: 2023 Legislative Bills GOOD BILL SB 507 RELATING TO WETLAND PRESERVATIONS The purpose of SB 507 […]

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What are Cryptorheic basin Wetlands?

Cryptorheic vs. Endorheic: Several of the wetlands in South Maui are in the form of cryptorheic basins.  A  cryptogenic basin has no visible outlets but is estimated to have underground outlets that […]

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Wetlands Calendar

If you canʻt wait for our `alemanaka to be printed, you can download it and print it to your home computer FOR FREE!

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Wetland Coloring Book

Wetland Coloring Book ITʻS HERE for your Reading pleasure! (and Click here for Download!) Our beautiful, full-color booklet ma ka `ōlelo Hawai`i (with english translations) is NOW AVAILABLE for you to download […]

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La Perouse Bay, lava field and Anchialine Wetland Ponds

Anchialine pools of La Perouse Maui

Anchialine pools of La Perouse Maui Another type of wetland we see in Hawaii is the Anchialine Pool. We have several great examples in South Maui. An anchialine pool is an enclosed […]

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Wetlands reawakening after rain

Different Types of Wetlands

There are many different types of wetlands, they are varied and diverse, and many types are specific to their areas. In Hawaii, we have our own types of wetlands many of which […]

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Marsh Migration credit: Make Way for Marshes/NROC.

What is Marsh Migration?

What is Marsh Migration? Rapidly rising seas threaten to drown tidal marshes and diminish the benefits provided to people and wildlife by these valuable coastal ecosystems. Increasingly, government agencies and non-government organizations […]

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Wetland Restoration Volunteers

Volunteer to Mālama a Wetland

Sign Up to Mālama a wetland: School kids and adults can help us to care for our wetlands. These community-based workdays typically consist of removing trash, selectively removing invasive plant species as […]

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Freswater flows from the wetland through the sand into the ocean. wetlands and dunes filter stormwater before it reaches the ocean.

How Wetlands Work

The critical role of Wetlands: Coastal wetlands in Maui play a critical role in protecting beaches and other valuable near-shore natural resources by providing a number of important ecosystem services, including regulating […]

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