Nuʻu Wetland

Nu‘u contains some of the healthiest coastal wetlands across the islands, which provide habitat for several endangered bird species, including the Ae‘o, or Hawaiian stilt, and ʻAlae keʻokeʻo, or Hawaiian coot.  In addition, the area preserves numerous pre-contact archaeological sites and has been used as a recreational spot by local fisherman for centuries.

The Land Trust’s plans for the property, which was acquired from Kaupō Ranch, include habitat restoration, protection of cultural sites, and educational outreach.

Ahupuaʻa: Nuʻu Moku: Kaupō Size: 82 acres
Year Protected: 2011
Land Protection Strategy: Owned by HILT
Conservation Values: Cultural site, wetland habitat, shoreline access, wildlife habitat
Land Features: Coastal wetlands, dry forest habitat




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