Lāʻie Gulch Stream

One of the lesser-known streams in Kihei flows from up high on Hawaiian Homelands near Pu’u O Kali, then flows down through Haleakala Ranch, past the tech park, then down through the new Kaiaulu o’Halelea affordable housing project, across Maui Nui golf course, feeding one of the golf course’s “water trap” ponds. Then flows through a culvert underneath Pi’ilani Highway, cuts through Lokelani School along a stoney riverbed, flows across Liloa Drive through another underground culvert, passes through a Junkyard, and then onto some more private property, and enters the La’ie Mauka Wetland, crosses under South Kihei Road through the massive Conspan culvert works, and eventually joins into the Lāʻie Makai wetland, and enters the ocean at the Keokea estuary.

Lāʻie Stream at La’ie Wetlands.


Lokelani School: The Stoney Streambed conveys the stream on its journey from mauka to makai.

Lokelani School


Stream travels through this junkyard.


La’ie Mauka Wetlands looking upslope (mauka) towards Lokelani Intermediate School and the Maui Nui Golf course:

Lāʻie Stream La’ie Mauka Wetlands (looking mauka)

The Stream enters the Lāʻie Mauka Wetlands:

The Stream enters the Wetlands