Wetlands Calendar 2022

If you canʻt wait for our `alemanaka to be printed, you can download it and print it to your home computer FOR FREE! Our beautiful `alemanaka (calendar) includes important dates to Kilo (observe) Mahina, King Tides, ” Lahaina Noon” and the equinoxes and solstices. It also includes important dates for Ko Pae `Āina Hawai`i. We hope that you will enjoy […]

La Perouse Bay, lava field and Anchialine Wetland Ponds

Anchialine pools of La Perouse Maui

Another type of wetland we see in Hawaii is the Anchialine Pool. We have several great examples in South Maui. An anchialine pool is an enclosed water body or pond with an underground connection to the ocean. Anchialine pools are a feature of coastal aquifers which are density stratified, with the water near the surface being fresh or brackish, and […]

Kanaha Pond's Makaha and Auwai. Wetlands and Fishponds.

Kanahā Pond

Kanahā Pond in Kahului is an inportant wildlife sanctuary and protected home of the Ae’o (rare Hawaiian Stilt). Kanahā Pond located in the Ahupua’a of Wailuku, is a wetland and was part of a much larger area of wetlands and marshes that extended from the Kahului airport all the way to the Ka’ahaumanu shopping center. Kanahā Pond was modified into […]

Characterizing Different Types of Wetlands

There are many different types of wetlands, they are varied and diverse, and many types are specific to their areas. In Hawaii we have our own types of wetlands many of which are not found elsewhere. Because of this diversity it is even difficult for the experts to agree on a single classification system. So in many cases a local […]

Where will the wetlands be in 20-30 years?

Migrating Upward and Landward Through Space and Time. Migrating upward and landward through space and time. This is a famous phrase among coastal scientists. It describes the behavior of a beach, or other coastal environments such as a tidal wetland, a reef, or an estuary, when the sea level is rising. It means that a coastal environment needs unrestricted access […]

Testimony needed to protect Waipuilani Gulch and Wetlands

There is a housing development planned for Waipuilani Gulch that could affect the Waipuilani Wetlands and the nearshore Royal Hawaiian fishponds. This is an area that is already subject to frequent and severe flooding. Written testimony to the Planning Commission is needed by Monday 12th July Noon, and Verbal testimony can be given on Tuesday 13th July, 2021 at 9AM.  […]

What is Marsh Migration?

Rapidly rising seas threaten to drown tidal marshes and diminish the benefits provided to people and wildlife by these valuable coastal ecosystems. Increasingly, government agencies and non-government organizations are harnessing the power of computer-based models of marsh ecosystems to inform management and policy strategies to sustain tidal marshes, including by allowing marshes to shift gradually inland with sea level rise […]

Wetlands and Riparian areas

Healthy riparian and wetland areas are critical to healthy watersheds. Wetlands support vegetation adapted to soils saturated by surface or ground water. Examples of wetlands include marshes, swamps, and bogs. Riparian areas serve as habitats and travel corridors for vegetative communities. Riparian Proper Functioning Condition (PFC) describes assessing on-the-ground conditions of a riparian area.  A healthy riparian area is […]

Value of Coastal Wetland Habitat

Coastal wetlands provide critical benefits to our planet. They clean our water, protect us from floods, and provide habitat for countless fish and wildlife. But these valuable habitats are quickly disappearing. Nearly 80,000 acres of coastal wetlands are lost in the United States each year to development, draining, erosion, and sinkage. That’s close to seven football fields every hour.

A brief history of wetlands in Kihei

Ua Mau ke Ea o ka ʻĀina i ka Pono – The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness. If we do the right thing by the land, the land lives, and gives us life. We need to make caring for the land our number one priority.  However, in the present day, many people see land primarily as a commodity […]